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Print edition

This version of the discography is different from the print edition, A Gregorian Chant Discography (2 vols., 1990), in several ways.

The key field of volume 1 (record list) is the issue number. In many cases, especially with numbers under 100 but even with numbers as high as 3302, computer sorting required these duplicate numbers to be distinguished. In some cases, the letter prefix was added; in other cases, arbitrary punctuation marks served the purpose. None of this is necessary in the web version.

The key field of volume 2 (chant list) is the book and page number with a letter added for more than one chant on a page. A lengthy set of letter combinations and sometimes arbitrary numbers were used to sort chants that could not be found in liturgical editions. In addition, computer sorting required that many duplicate chant titles had to be distinguished by the addition of punctuation marks; this is no longer necessary in the web version.

In the print edition, the non-Gregorian repertoire was listed summarily in Appendix I. These chants are now listed as HISP, MIL, ROM and BEN along with the Gregorian repertoire.

A number of recordings that were identified but not heard for analysis were listed summarily in Appendix II. Most of these have now been analyzed and are included here.

The following corrigenda may be noted for those who have the print edition:

O virga SEQU ( ) YS 265. is HBW 62

Tantum ergo HYMN ( ) ZH 814 is LU 1851

Te lucis ante HYMN ( ) ZH 818 is AM 170b

Rex sempiterne ZH 820 (8) is LR 82b (4)

Te Deum HYMN (3) ZH 825 is GR 844

Posuisti Domine OFFR (8) ZL 109 is LU 1140 

Angelus Domini ANTI ( ) ZM 116 is LU 1402b

Ave regina caelorum Mater COMM ( ) ZM 204 is LU 1864a (4)

O Christi pietas ANTI ( ) ZR 405 is PM 119

Sancti Baptistae Christi SEQU ( ) ZS 104 is AHMA 53:164

Insurrexerunt RESP (3) ZZ 110 is NR 364b

OXFORD (the "label name" of the first entry on page 3 is incorrect; the cassette was supplied with the book published by Cambridge University Press. It has now been issued on CD (Griffin GCCD 4068).

Numerous other errata and corrigenda will be found here without notice.