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A keyword will produce search results if it is part of a record title, a record issue number, a chant title, a page number of a chant, a performing group, conductor or soloist.

Double quotation marks must enclose the search term unless it is a single word.

The search is not case-sensitive. Diacritical marks can be ignored.

Always omit punctuation marks in chant titles: hence, "magister quid faciendo".

Any search leading to a record will produce a link to the complete contents of that record.

Any search for a chant will produce a link to the complete contents of each relevant record.

Repeat the search for a chant title on a "book page" citation for best results. For example, a search for "Exsurge quare" will yield "Exsurge quare INTR (1) GT 91b LU 504c WG 62b". But a repeat search on "GT 91b" will yield chants sung from all three of these page numbers, including "Exurge quare" in the Cistercian version.

Similarly, a search for "Conditor alme siderum" will yield "Conditor alme siderum HYMN (4) LH 3 AM 182b LC 81 WH 17 LU 324d" with recordings sung from LH, AM and WH. But a repeat search on "AM 182b" will yield all of these as well as "Creator alme siderum HYMN (4) LU 324d AM 182b LH 3 LC 81 WH 17" with recordings of the 17th-century revised text sung from LU.

A search on a Liber Gradualis title (e.g., "LG1 3") should be repeated on the GT reference ("GT 15") that follows; a search on a Graduale Novum title (e.g., "GN1 3") should be repeated on the GT reference ("GT 15"), since these newer publications were only added to the original database later. The Cistercian reference ("WG 1") was in the original database, but the Norbertine reference ("PG 1") was only added later, so the search should likewise be repeated on "GT 15".

Certain single words (Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Agnus) will require a repeat search on the desired page number. 

Gaudeamus will provide all introits with their variant texts.

1610 will produce all recordings of Monteverdi's Vespro della Beata Vergine with added chant antiphons.

1904 will produce all recordings made in 1904 at the Vatican.

hisp will produce all recorded Hispanic (Mozarabic) chants.

mil will produce all recorded Milanese (Ambrosian) chants.

rom will produce all recorded Old Roman chants.

ben will produce all recorded Beneventan chants.

hbw will produce all recorded Hildegard of Bingen chants.