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A keyword will produce search results if it is part of a record title, a record issue number, a chant title, a page number of a chant, a performing group, conductor or soloist.

Double quotation marks must enclose the search term unless it is a single word.

The search is not case-sensitive. Diacritical marks can be ignored.

Always omit punctuation marks in chant titles: hence, "magister quid faciendo".

Any search leading to a record will produce a link to the complete contents of that record.

Any search for a chant will produce a link to the complete contents of each relevant record.

Repeat the search for a chant title on a "book page" citation for best results. For example, a search for "Exsurge quare" will yield "Exsurge quare INTR (1) GT 91b LU 504c WG 62b". But a repeat search on "GT 91b" will yield chants sung from all three of these page numbers, including "Exurge quare" in the Cistercian version.

Similarly, a search for "Conditor alme siderum" will yield "Conditor alme siderum HYMN (4) LH 3 AM 182b LC 81 WH 17 LU 324d" with recordings sung from LH, AM and WH. But a repeat search on "AM 182b" will yield all of these as well as "Creator alme siderum HYMN (4) LU 324d AM 182b LH 3 LC 81 WH 17" with recordings of the 17th-century revised text sung from LU.

Certain single words (Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Agnus) will require a repeat search on the desired page number. Certain other words (Gaudeamus) will yield an interesting selection of entries to choose from.