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Records needed

In order to distinguish records not yet entered into the database from records that are needed for analysis, the following list shows a few of the many records that are sought.


Syrena 9475 Lamentatio Jeremiae Prophetae (Poznan cathedral precentor, issued May 1935)

Semen S.M.1 to S.M.12 Mass Propers etc. (recorded by choirboys of Maredsous under Dom Beda Lebbe about 1933)

Christschall 139 Lauda Sion (recorded by the S.V.D. choir in 1930); because it occupies both sides of the 12" disc, it is probably complete

Christschall 322C (the last of 12 discs made about 1950 at the seminary in Speyer; contents unknown)


Fonit Cetra San Giorgio SG 105 First and Third Masses of Christmas
FCSG. SG 106 Masses of Epiphany and Ascension
FSCG. SG 109 Masses of Corpus Christi and the Blessed Virgin
FSCG. SG 110 Mass of the Dead (all four recorded by the monks of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, directed by Pellegrino M. Ernetti)

Psallite PET 251 Vespers of the Blessed Virgin (recorded by St. Godehard, Hannover in 1980)

Disco-Club DC 11 Haydn Missa Rorate caeli desuper with chant Propers of Holy Trinity, cond. Hans Gillesberger, live at Göttweig abbey 16 June 1957

Ex Libris EL 16517 Palestrina Missa Papae Marcelli with chant Ss. Peter & Paul (1966)


Amadeo AVRS 15159 Hymnen aus dem frühen Mittelalter (rec. at St. Gabriel abbey about 1967)